He’s still going strong!

I admit it. I’ve been remiss in posting to Stevie’s blog. We have had a wonderful summer but he doesn’t do anything truly blog worthy, unless you consider daily walks, playing, and spinning exciting news.  We’ve just been living large on the Concord River and enjoying each others company.



He’s finally comfortable wearing the Gentle Leader I use for our walks. It reduces the spinning and helps to keep him focused on walking instead of conflicting noises and smells. Thank you Gentle Leader for creating such an amazing product.

We traveled to the beach last week and he got his first smell and feel of the ocean, which resulted in a rapid spinning of excitement. I’m convinced one of these days he’ll turn into butter (See old fable about a spinning tiger. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to type the name of the fable.)


Stevie saying hi to Sally.

So, life goes on and Stevie continues to grow, prosper, and be loved. Thank you goddess from bringing him into my life and thank you Stevie for being such an awesome companion. Blessed be :}

DSC09595 (2)

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It’s a dog’s day when you get to play!

Stevie got to have a fun play date with two new friends, Kai, a black lab puppy, and Pete, his older brother. Both dogs belong to my good friend, Jen. The dogs had an awesome time running, rolling, splashing, and, well, just being dogs.

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Later in the day I took Stevie for his first ice cream.

Getting every last, delicious drop!

Getting every last, delicious drop!

Cool fun on a hot, June day. Blessed be :}

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Even dogs like to shop there!

Stevie and I took several visits to The Home Depot in Tewksbury. A battle with carpenter ants  had me visiting the home improvement giant everyday (even a few times one day). (See http://concordriverlady.com/2015/05/29/battle-for-a-kingdom/ for all the exciting details!)

Stopping to smell the roses!

Stopping to smell the roses!

Stevie got lots of love and treats (thank you Jeanne) and I got lots of good advice (and a new circular saw).

No one could resist petting Stevie.

No one could resist petting Stevie.

We’ll definitely be back for more advice and lumber. And Stevie will be ready for more treats. Stock up Jeanne! Blessed be :}

stevie two (2)

“Faster Mama, faster!”

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We had a romping good time!


“Chase me Dakota!”

Stevie’s foster mom and foster step-brother, Dakota, came over for a play date. Stevie was sooooo excited!

Penny wasn’t in the mood to be chased by two energetic dogs, so she watched from behind Sparky’s dogwood tree.


Penny, we can still see you!

Maybe next time, Penny will join in the fun. Blessed be 🙂

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Blind dogs see with their hearts!

Hmmmm, I believe all dogs see with their hearts. However, blind dogs see 20/20 with theirs.

Three days and counting since Stevie Ray came home. He finally got the chance to meet Chris, and it was love at first sight (heart-sight that is!).

Chris and Stevie saying "Hi!"

Chris and Stevie saying “Hi!”

It didn’t take long for Chris to get into the groove of Stevie’s energy and overall endearing qualities.

Penny isn’t on board yet. She’ll get there in time. Stevie has a way of grabbing onto a body’s heart.

Penny, watching Chris and Stevie having fun.

Penny, watching Chris and Stevie having fun.

We had our first visit to the vet and Stevie passed with flying colors. No heart worm, no fecal worms, no ticks, fleas or ear mites. Just a happy, healthy dog. (Thanks Peggy for taking such good care of him and thank you Big Fluffy Dog Rescue too!)

Checking out all the dog food while we waited for our appointment.

Checking out all the dog food while we waited for our appointment

I’ve been searching for a natural, safe treat for him to chew on. He does like to chew, and chew, and chew. Since I’m not comfortable with bully sticks (I know, a bull’s penis is natural but it just seems very, very wrong), and everyone keeps telling me to avoid rawhide, and Stevie has no interest in the nylon bones, the answer was crystal clear: marrow bones.


Boiling the bones for 20 minutes is all it took to get it ready for Stevie. Unfortunately, while he was chewing I did some searching on the web and came up with horrors associated with marrow bones. So, back to square one.


Stevie, chewing his marrow bone. Don’t get too attached to it kiddo!

Another one of Stevie’s favorite chew toys is a Kong stuffed with treats and a tiny bit of peanut butter (no sugar added, of course). I’m going to have to invest in a supersized Kong, since the ones I have last about two minutes.

Visitors are coming each day to meet Stevie Ray. Sadly, they don’t know the time-honored customer of bringing the pet’s owner large sums of cash.

The weather has been blissful and our days are filled with playtime, gardening, and training. Being on vacation this week is a blessing because I get to spend lots of time with my boy. When I leave him alone in the side yard, even if he’s with Penny, he barks. I’m not far, only in the back yard. I can see him but, he can’t see Moi! So, I installed a run and he was a happy camper spending time with me while I weeded and watered.


Stevie’s new run.

Every time I walked by I had to stop, give a good belly rub, then continue with my chores.

DSC09595 (2)

“A little higher Mama!”

I’m so grateful for the joy that has been given me. After Sparky died, my heart was empty and sad. He had been my companion for 15 years, through two divorces, several moves, the teenage years with Chris, and lots of ice cream. Now, with Stevie, I have a new friend who will accompany me through the last years of my life.

DSC09453 (2)

Thanks Stevie!

Blessed be :}






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People who say money can’t buy happiness, obviously never paid an adoption fee!

Stevie Ray is home. As I write this first post, he’s sound asleep in his crate with a fan gently blowing along his fur. It’s hot outside tonight, hot insode too! The fan is helping to keep him cool, but its soothing purr seems to have lulled him into a deep slumber. He hasn’t moved in the past 30 minutes.

Arriving home around 3:00, Stevie seemed eager to explore his new home. Of course I had to spoil him today. Lots of new toys were ready, along with chew bones and a big red water bowl.

Checking out the bag of goodies.

Checking out the bag of goodies.

Before long he had chosen a few favorites to romp, chew, and wrestle with.

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Although his arrival was joyous for me, I must acknowledge how sad is was for Peggy, his foster mom. She’s been his guiding angel for the past three weeks and I’m sure her home was sadly quite tonight.

Peggy and Stevie.

Peggy and Stevie.

One of Stevie’s behaviors that had Peggy on the internet searching for a reason and solution, is his spinning. Round and round he goes, but where he’ll stop, nobody knows!

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Penny did her best to stay away from Stevie, as did the cats. Cleo took to the top of the refrigerator to avoid our newest family member.


“Ha, ha Penny, too bad you can’t jump as high as a cat!”

All in all, it was a great beginning to our new life. Tomorrow we’ll play outside, take a walk up the street, and just enjoy being an expanded family.


Welcome home Stevie Ray! Blessed be :}

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